Piano Lessons for Children in Essex, ON

Piano lessons in Essex are available though Tutoring Solutions Academy. Most parents instantly think of piano when considering lessons for children. Keyboard instruments are, without a doubt, an excellent way to lay a musical foundation. Treble and Bass clefs are both used, harmony is learnt at the same time as melody, a large range of sounds help to develop the ear, and excellent hand-eye coordination is developed (even feet are involved!). Piano and Keyboard instruments are extremely comprehensive in their offerings to an interested music student.

Piano lessons are a popular traditional classical music choice for many people. Many students are also interested in popular music, jazz music, rock music, and more. Combining styles is a great way to promote and sustain younger students, and we are happy to encourage exploring these interests, while pairing it with the proven instructional methods (such as Step-by-Step, and A Dozen-A-Day) that have kept piano so popular with parents. Royal Conservatory of Music grades are also a popular course of study, and many students also challenge themselves by taking RCM examinations, which we delight in preparing with them.

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Please note: Parents are asked to not come in for student lessons. There is a 10-minute buffer before each lesson for disinfecting of the keyboard. Miss Jenny will be wearing a mask at all times. 

Music Books We Use:

Our students bring 4 books (including their homework notebook)with them every lesson. Please do not purchase books 

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