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Tutoring Solutions Academy empowers students with the vision, inspiration and resources to be successful.  For over10 years founder and CEO Jenny Drouillard has helped thousands of teachers make a profound impact in the lives of their students and their communities. Tutoring Solutions Academy’s transformational in-home and online programs turn ordinary students into high-achieving, confident, exceptional students.  

About You

You want what is best for your family.  All you want to do is to provide your child with opportunities that will make their eyes sparkle with joy.  You know education is important, help ignite the love of learning in their hearts.

You'd love to feel supported in the education of your child, have someone to bounce ideas off and who can give you some guidance to make the job of being a parent a little bit easier when it comes to education.  You'd love to have someone you can trust come and support you in helping your child reach their goals.

You're ready to step things up.  You know your child is capable, you just need more people to know it too.  You'd love to boost your child's confidence and finally see them thrive the way you know they can.

About Us

We are a team of local educators that love to inspire students.  Jenny Drouillard, owner and CEO of Tutoring Solutions Academy, works with all of the teachers at Tutoring Solutions Academy to ensure they provide the best services possible to your child. 

As an educator, Jenny encourages all of the teachers she works with to teach the love of learning through example; offering online courses to her team. Our mission is simple, to help students achieve a high degree of success in their academics. We provide a learning environment for our students which includes highly effective instruction, personalisation of teaching, and confidence building measures. We believe that education is the key to success and helping students conquer their academic challenges will ultimately lead to students realizing their career aspirations.

In the fast paced world which we live in today that necessitates convenience, our tutoring platform was built with the understanding that timely, easily accessible tutoring services are paramount to the students needs. We therefore provide a comprehensive menu of in-home and onlinetutoring services which are only a quick phone call or email away from a student receiving the help they require.

Top Ten Reasons Why Parents Choose Tutoring Solutions Academy

1. Caring, experienced tutors

2. Individualized learning plans

3. One-on-one sessions

4. Lifelong learning skills that build confidence

5. Monthly assessments and open communication with parents

3. Small group discussions and peer learning options

6. Results that speak for themselves

7. We are NOT a franchise

8. NO contracts to sign – ever

9. No enrollment fees!

10. NO diagnostic fees – ever

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