Home-School Education Consultation Services

Tutoring Solutions is not just a tutoring agency but also provides services and support to the homeschooling community.

We do Program Designs.

Learning for Life – Across Canada

We are an organization helping parents and families examine the wide range of choices available to educate their children at home. Our highly qualified staff of consultants have more than five decades of experience with homeschooling and other forms of education.

We understand the importance of team effort because we know that parental involvement in the education of their children is essential. Our staff provide guidance, encouragement, and resources to help the whole family achieve success in this venture. We do this by helping to develop an individually designed curriculum that can be in the form of natural schooling, unit studies and traditional and classical studies.

We network with many like-minded organizations and professionals in the areas of speech therapy, gifted education, education counseling and special needs education, offering our assistance wherever your family is located and working with your child on his or her level.

Services and Information

We are based in South-Western Ontario, but we work with families throughout Canada. Our caring staff has decades of combined experience in education and home education. We are available for you by telephone, by Skype and e-mail consultations, five days a week year ‘round. Whatever the educational needs, from preschool through grade 12, we are qualified and we know how to help.

Services For All Interested in Homeschooling (regardless of Province)

  1. Getting Started: To assure you a solid start, we assist you with the home-school application process for your province and explain your responsibilities. In addition, we help you determine an appropriate support system.  This is about a 30-minute to one-hour process.
  2. Home-school Program Design: This is for the parent and student who want help in customizing a program, selecting curriculum and setting up a plan for the year. The parent and student fill out our educational questionnaire, which is used to help identify strengths, previous curriculum choices, and student and parent goals. After reviewing the questionnaire and previous education records, we help you tailor a curriculum and organize a program that will fit your situation. The program design requires a meeting with the parent and student either via telephone, or Skype consultation can be arranged. This takes about 90 minutes.

Please Note: If additional time is required fees will be determined.

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