Online Education

Get all of our services online for at a discounted rate,

Get unlimited help for only


What is the discounted rate for online services?

If using Skype to access our services, you will receive a discount of 25% each month. (eg. If your monthly bill is $300/month- it will now be $225 when having your sessions take place online!)

Can I access all of Tutoring Solutions Academy's services online?

Yes, with the exception of the Preschool Program as we believe that Preschool-aged children learn better with in-person support.

How does the Unlimited Help work?

  1. You register your child for Online Education by clicking here.
  2. You receive a Welcome Package and return it to us via e-mail completed.
  3. Your child then sends an email to using pictures and text to ask their questions.
  4. The tutor replies with an answer and explanation to your child's questions.
  5. Your child can email a tutor anytime through our company email, as many times as they need.  For only $75- this is extremely affordable.

Can I cancel the service at anytime?

Yes.  Once you have cancelled our services, you will be able to email a tutor for the remainder of the month, but all Skype programs will end immediately.

How long do I have to wait to talk to a tutor?

We connect you to a tutor as soon as we can. It almost always takes less than 15 minutes to get an initial email back.

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