Tutoring Services

Tutoring Solutions Academy is dedicated to providing a peronalised tutoring approach to accommodating your needs. Our tutors provide customized support in all subjects from kindergarten to grade 12.We have in-home tutors working with us across Ontario.

Subject-Specific Support

Our tutors are available to support you in the following subjects:

  • Literacy (Orton-Gillingham methods used)
  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Core French
  • Special Education
  • Numeracy
  • Calculus
  • Biology
  • Social Sciences
  • French Extended
  • Study Strategies
  • Reading Skills
  • Advanced Functions
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • French Immersion
  • Organizational Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Data Management
  • Physics
  • Essay Writing Support
  • Spanish
  • Time Management
  • General Homework Help

Our tutoring services are available in one-on-one sessions in-person & virtually, and small group sessions.

Enrichment Classes

Tutoring Solutions Academy offers virtual enrichment classes in small groups which makes tutoring affordable for all. Our tutors prepare differentiated lessons based on the level of the students in the class. Our classes are available in all subjects from grade 1 to grade 12.

*Please note, enrollment in these classes must be done by the second week of the school calendar.

Benefits of Our Tutoring Services

Improved Results

Students who fall behind with daily assignments or struggle with a specific subject benefit from weekly tutoring sessions. In these sessions, our tutors will work with your child giving them individualized attention, working at their own pace, and teaching your child according to their own learning style.

Improved Study & Organizational Skills

During our individualised tutoring sessions, our tutors will ensure your child is organized & work is completed well. Our tutors will also provide your child with tips & tricks for studying when preparing for an upcoming test or exam.

Special Education Strategies

Students with disabilities will benefit from working with a competent, caring, and patient tutor who understands all students learn differently. Our tutors can help you navigate your child's IEP as well as help to prepare you for an upcoming IPRC meeting with your child's school. 

Academic Enrichment

Students who are motivated or gifted-learners can benefit from our one-on-one tutoring session and enrichment classes to work ahead in a specific subject area. Our tutors can also help parents advocate for their child within the school-system.

Test & Exam Preparation

At test & exam time, many students experience anxieties. Our tutors can help ease their stress by ensuring they are well-prepared for an upcoming test. Our tutors will work with your child to build good study habits and ensure they have a good understanding of the material.

Increased Self-Confidence

When students are experiencing difficulties in school, they become discouraged and their ability to learn decreases drastically. Our encouraging tutors are positive role-models and mentors to their students who help them to achieve their goals. As students achieve their goals, their self-confidence increases and their grades will naturally increase too!