Who Are Our Students?


Our students are children ages 2.5 through 7 who are eager to learn to read. They have parents who want them to be confident readers and to get a head start. We also have students who are older than 7 that are behind in school and need the extra attention. We also help students who have processing delays and need a specialized program just for them.

Two-and-a-half-year-old's for the most part are not developmentally ready, nor do most of them have the attention span to start learning to read.  

 However, if you have that 1 in a million child who is clearly begging for books, already has an extensive vocabulary, is clearly eager to learn, and retains information easily, we are happy to offer an initial lesson to see if he/she is ready.


What is Our Preschool Reading Program?


Our preschool reading program is a unique and innovative reading method for children ages 2.5 to 7 years old. Our program is offered in both English and French. It is a program developed by classroom teachers with years of experience for children who are eager to learn to read before it is taught in a traditional classroom setting.

Our program is a one-on-one method that focuses on all the words taught all the way through to grade 3 using bother phonetics and sight words, taught is a unique way. Our method fills in the early-age gap where children are not being taught to read, even in our local private schools.

Children who complete our program from start to finish, come out reading a grade level or two above their peers.

Wondering if you should start early with your children?  The number one complaint we hear about when we meet a new family, is that their child is behind in First Grade, and has anxiety about reading in front of other children in school.  


Why?  Because in both private and public schools, reading is not focused on until Grade One.

Ask yourself if teaching your children to read a year or two before entering Grade One, learning at their own pace, with a play-based program, without being compared to by their classmates, will improve your child's self esteem and confidence.