In-Home Tutoring

3:00PM -8:00PM
Saturday & Sunday


Our goal during in-home tutoring is to provide guidance for each child in successful homework completion and to ensure they understand the material thoroughly. Our teachers are well oriented in the Ontario Curriculum. If a child has any particular questions about his or her homework assignment we are there to help and make sure all students complete their school assignments correctly. We offer both one-on-one tutoring sessions & small group tutoring sessions. To become more familiar with Ontario Curriculum please click here.


Tutoring Solutions Academy Teachers are Certified Ontario Teachers as well as Certified Tutors who are loving and caring.  All teachers exhibit patience and positive attitudes in establishing an encouraging learning environment.  Each teacher is available to communicate to the parents about student they work with.   

If you are interested in becoming part of our Team of Educators you can submit your RESUME here.

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