We have moved all of our services online only until further notice. 

How Online Learning Works

What does online learning look like? That depends on the individual student and their family because personalised learning is personal. Take a look at a typical day in the lives of our students.

What We Offer

Tutoring Solutions Academy offers education support that suits your family's needs. Between one-on-one classes with an Ontario-certified teacher and course content emailed directly to you, we ensure your child is on track and is consistently meeting their goals.

Education for All!

We are Tutoring Solutions Academy, providing families with an online option for high-quality, personalised educational support. With innovative teachers, technology and the Ontario-curriculum students can thrive and learn at the pace that's right for them. Thousands of students have chosen Tutoring Solutions Academy, will you join them?

Support for families affected by Coronavirus

Jenny Drouillard, Director of Tutoring Solutions Academy, is committed to helping those in need. "Here at Tutoring Solutions Academy, we want people to know that if they want to make online and blended learning as part of their home-schooling plan, we are prepared to lend a hand now and in the future."

And to help support continuity we are offering some free resources to our families, now through June 20, 2020. 

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